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Study shows safety benefits of supply chain leadership

Posted by Altius on Oct 12, 2012 3:37:49 PM

Buyers who take leadership and dictate high standards of health and safety through the supply chain have a positive impact on worker's health, according to research carried out by Cardiff University for The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Professor David Walters of Cardiff University, said:“We found that in high profile cases like those we explored, the onus is on companies at the top of the chain to make sure they inspect their own subcontractors to avoid accidents to workers, as well as reputation damage.

“Where buyers write health and safety requirements into their contracts, carrying out certification schemes, performance monitoring and training initiatives to help suppliers meet their standards, the standards are good. In higher profile construction supply chains, companies do not want to risk reputations, so health and safety takes high priority. But in longer or lower profile chains where profile isn't as much of an issue, balance of power can become skewed and health and safety pushed out."

Gary Plant, Managing Director of Altius Vendor Assessment commented: "The exemplary health and safety records of our client companies shows the wisdom of leading from the top in ensuring suppliers meet stringent standards as demonstrated through gaining Altius Assured Vendor recognition. With the launch of our CDMComply service, whose CDM Core Criteria competence assessments are recognised by other SSIP members, there is an opportunity for main contractors to become registered users. This is a free service which allows them to create their own private lists of sub-contractors, enabling them to manage compliance and giving their clients complete visibility of their supply chain. This complete approach to supply chain assurance dramatically reduces risk and liability."

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