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Posted by Altius on Apr 19, 2009 4:14:19 PM

Have you ever thought, it would be really handy if all this information that I’ve entered into the Altius system, and all the files I’ve uploaded, were available to all my clients? I’m always being asked for this information and it would be really handy if I could just point all my clients to it.

Well, Altius can help. If you’re an Assured Vendor, you can nominate any of your clients to be sent a logon so that they can view your information. There’s no charge for this and we hope that it will save both parties time and effort during any future tendering and pre-qualification processes.

If you’ve chosen some additional clients already, you’ll be given the option to give them access the next time you log in. You can also make changes and additions at any time by following the link at the bottom of your dashboard. We’ll notify you when login details have been sent to your clients, so you’ll know exactly who now has access to your information.

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