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Overview of new CDM Regulations

Posted by Altius on May 17, 2013 2:02:18 PM

Guest blogger Ai Solutions provides an update on the proposed new CDM 2014 Regulations.

On March 13th 2013 the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) received a presentation from HSE on the revision to the CDM 2007 Regulations. The presentation has now been published on the HSE website - CDM Revised Regulatory Package Update.

The declared objectives of the new regulations will be:

  • Implementation - current law 'under-implements' since there are no duties on 'domestic clients';
  • Simplification - the new package must be more user-friendly and less bureaucratic;
  • Roles - align roles more accurately with the EU Directive requirements;
  • Cost and bureaucracy - aim is to produce cost savings for businesses and less 'bureaucracy';
  • SMEs - new regulations should improve compliance of SMEs; and
  • Regulatory impact - regulations must meet better regulation principles.

So what will this mean to those involved in CDM projects? Until we have the finer detail there doesn't look as though there is anything too complicated; however we need to know what impact the new regulations will have for those of us who are either Clients, CDM-C's, Designers or Contractors.

There were concerns that things would change for the worse; we don't believe this will be the case as the pragmatic approach the HSE is taking means things will be structured; they will only change things that require it (if it isn't broken don't fix it strategy). We look forward to the changes as we believe things will be improved in the long run.

For further detail on the related EU Directive and to leave your comments, please seeBasis of the CDM 2014 Regulations explained.

Altius has joined forces with Ai Solutions and partners to launch the The Collaborative Construction Compliance service, which provides a combined online system to manage CDM and asbestos management and compliance; contractor assessment and accreditation; waste planning and record documentation. It is designed to cut costs and reduce the burden placed on clients and CDM Coordinators.

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