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Nine symptoms that your supply chain compliance is failing

Posted by Altius on Apr 30, 2014 4:48:08 PM


Gary Plant, Managing Director of Altius Vendor Assessment, i-fm Technology in FM Award commercial winner 2014, offers advice in diagnosing and treating 'sick supply chain compliance’ syndrome.

This is a modern age problem affecting increasing numbers of FM managers. It's a condition arising from the growth of the sector, the trend towards outsourced services and increased legislation.

The FM management portfolio has grown rapidly as buildings and estates and their occupiers' needs have become more complex. With this growth has come additional supply chain risk, and where there's risk, there are compliance issues, which if not tackled effectively can damage the integrity of your supply chain.

What are the symptoms of ailing supply chain compliance?

Drowning by data

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by spreadsheets that don't quite integrate with your other back office systems, that you can't use collaboratively, and which require hours of work and manual processing to turn into useful management reports?

Supply chain blindness

Do you have full visibility of your supply chain? Are you able to plot trends and spot weaknesses by mapping the full historical data? Do you have sub-contractors in your sights?

Paying through the nose for insurance

Are you failing to convince your insurance company that your supply chain risk is under full control and that your premiums should reduce?

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Resources stretched and largely reacting

Have you got too many people bogged down in non-value added activities and are you under-using their skills to manage a clunky supply chain compliance process, rather than utilising their talents for value added activities, such as developing your supply chain?

You're worried about legal action if things go wrong

How easy would it be to defend your actions? Have you got a full audit trail of all the up to the minute evidence available to instantly view and download anytime and anywhere?

Compliance lapses

Does your assessment system simply measure compliance once a year - leaving you crossing your fingers that you've got things covered for the other 364 days?

Snail-like progress

Does it take weeks, rather than days to assess and appoint a new supplier? Can you instantly update assessment criteria to reflect new legislation or business needs?

Wrong sizing

Is your supply chain assessment tailored precisely to your changing needs? Are your suppliers asked to jump though unnecessary hoops and assessed on criteria that have no relevance to the work they will undertake for you?

Overburdening suppliers

Do you stress your contractors out each and every year, rather than keeping a continuous dialogue going and updating their evidence, as required.

What is the treatment?

Altius has developed a new approach to supply chain compliance - built upon the sophisticated Exigo software framework. This is used successfully by the likes of Bellrock, Facilities Services Group (FSG) and MML, as well as many other leading UK businesses, such as Boots, Morrisons, Airbus, Selfridges, Debenhams and Arcadia Group.

The compliance software is designed to help FM providers reduce risk and liability, cut costs and save time. It can manage compliance on many parameters - from health and safety and commercial risk - to bribery and corruption policies, information security, CSR, quality, and environmental and employment law.

The system is sold on a low cost subscription model to the supplier and provides client organisations with unlimited user licences on a cost neutral basis providing instant return on investment.

For more information on Altius and how you can improve your contractor performance through compliance, download our free guide today.

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