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Health and safety prosecutions rise 400%

Posted by Altius on Jan 10, 2012 3:46:40 PM

As reported in Health and Safety Practitioner, the number of directors and senior managers prosecuted under section 37 of The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 ( HSWA 1974) has risen by 400% in the last five years. This is according to unofficial figures released by the Health and Safety Executive in response to a freedom of information request.

The figures, albeit not validated, show that 43 directors, senior managers and company secretaries were prosecuted under this key legislation in 2010/11 – the highest since 1999/2000. The data also shows that 35 people were convicted, which is a substantial increase on the five convictions secured in 2005/06.

Of the 2010/11 prosecutions, seven faced charges as a result of an investigation that followed a fatal incident; 15 were prosecuted for offences that resulted from an investigation where there had not been a fatal incident; and 21 resulted from an investigation where no incident of any nature had occurred.

As a result of conviction, three directors were disqualified for periods of between four and five years under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

Altius Assured Vendors undergo a rigorous health and safety assessment pertinent to the work the specific work they undertake- minimising risk and liability for both themselves and their clients. In the event of an accident or incident, clients can demonstrate that they used “due diligence” in their contractor selection process. By using only companies who have proven their competence via a robust tailored assessment, clients are able to show that they took reasonable steps to act responsibly.

Our entire health and safety assessment is evidence based and designed to provide ongoing monitoring rather than a snapshot in-time approach. If an accident happens a client needs to have up to date information on the status of that company at their fingers tips, knowing that they were 'ok' six months ago may simply not be good enough. Altius provides this level of assurance.

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