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How to conduct your social housing contractors audit effectively

Posted by Gary Plant on May 24, 2016 4:43:50 PM
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Tags: Housing Association

5 qualifications you should expect your social housing contractors to have

Posted by Gary Plant on May 24, 2016 4:35:31 PM

Reputation is extremely important when it comes to the success of a housing association, and a lot of a housing association’s credibility is built on their contractors and the work that they carry out, in terms of quality and timescales.

With this said, it is becoming increasingly important for contractors to hold and maintain recognised and up to date qualifications to prove their ability to work, alongside their relevant experience and references.

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Tags: Housing Association

Free seminar briefs businesses on revised Health And Safety Sentencing Guidelines

Posted by Gary Plant on Apr 18, 2016 3:53:53 PM

Businesses are invited to find out how to protect themselves against stiffer penalties under the revised Health And Safety Sentencing Guidelines at a free seminar in Leicester on Tuesday 26 April 2016.

Keynote speaker Phil Taylor, Head of Health and Safety for supermarket group Morrisons, will join compliance and legal experts from joint hosts Altius and Howes Percival LLP to explain the updated Sentencing Guidelines.

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Tags: Health and Safety

The perfect supplier audit: A Q&A with supply chain industry expert

Posted by Gary Plant on Apr 6, 2016 9:30:00 AM

The development or use of audit systems ensures that your team can regularly check the compliance of suppliers, the provision of resources, and the ability to continue serving your company in the future. Reminders and records of previous audits are invaluable when dealing with a large supply chain.

Many companies implement auditing when a supplier is underperforming, by which time it is often too late. Additionally, this means suppliers see audits as a negative undertaking, carried out only to find problems in the process.

To find out more about creating the perfect supplier audit, Altius Managing Director Gary Plant answered your most commonly asked questions.

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Tags: Assessment Focus

Eight critical KPIs for assessing your supply chain performance

Posted by Gary Plant on Apr 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

After choosing a supplier to carry out the work you require, your attention should shift towards the contract, and what can be done to ensure it is fully executed. Between you and the supplier, you should be: ensuring you both fulfil your expectations of each other, manage the risk and any supply chain vulnerability, and deliver continuous improvement and learnings.

To do this, key performance indicators (KPIs) should be identified at the start, and monitored against on a regular occurrence, to ensure the supplier is performing to the standard you require. Of course, the KPIs you look to monitor against will differ depending upon the supplier’s work.

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Tags: Assessment Focus

Five compliance techniques that guarantee poor supply chain operations

Posted by Gary Plant on Mar 30, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Have you got ambitions of creating an inefficient and broken supply chain? Of course not. But the actions that some supply chain managers still undertake mean they’re putting their business, suppliers and contractors at risk too.

Whether you’re simply time poor to complete all the tasks, or feel like your processes need updating, here’s five compliance techniques that you should try and avoid at all cost unless you want to guarantee poor supply chain operations.

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Tags: Assessment Focus

7 common frustrations every supply chain manager would recognise

Posted by Gary Plant on Mar 28, 2016 11:00:00 AM

There are days when being a supply chain manager can test your patience and question your career decision! Thankfully, these moments only last a short period of time and are completely normal within the industry. Here’s 7 common frustrations that you will probably recognise already…

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Tags: Assessment Focus

Why on-site supplier audits every 12 months is not enough

Posted by Gary Plant on Mar 23, 2016 9:30:00 AM

On-site supplier audits play a significant role in the management of a supply chain. Often viewed negatively by suppliers and contractors, audits can not only identify potential compliance issues, but they can also help to improve performance and efficiency.

Following the risk profiling of the suppliers in your supply chain, you will understand how valuable and how much risk a specific supplier can bring to your business. Using this information, you should proactively look to undertake supplier audits on a more regular basis than just every 12 months – and here’s a few reasons to support this argument.

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Tags: Assessment Focus

How to achieve approved suppliers in three simple steps

Posted by Gary Plant on Mar 21, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Supplier management is the key to having an effective supply chain – one that is optimised and can be held accountable. Your suppliers sit at the heart of all of your organisation’s activities and processes and they also ensure that a company can run as it should. In order to do this effectively, though, you should take the time to ensure your suppliers are approved.

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Tags: Assessment Focus

10 pieces of supplier information you should know in under 60 seconds

Posted by Gary Plant on Mar 16, 2016 9:30:00 AM

How well do you know your suppliers?

I can imagine that right now you’re thinking one of two things – either, that you could answer every question that you were asked on all of your suppliers. Or, that you’re uncertain about your supplier’s information, and would feel a little stressed should you have to recall any in under 60 seconds.

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