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Altius IT infrastructure passes ultimate security stress test

Posted by Altius on Aug 22, 2014 12:52:20 PM

The Altius Vendor Assessment Exigo software for Supply-Chain Compliance Management has been put to the ultimate security test and proven that it is highly resistant to cyber security attack.

Altius invited a CREST approved security specialist to conduct a thorough 'penetration' test on its system to check any areas of possible vulnerability and to ensure immunity from the latest techniques used by real attackers.

"We hold important client and supplier data, so we take the security of that data very seriously", said Len Simmons, Technical Director for Altius.

"We are very confident that our IT infrastructure and software is robust, and we wanted to prove this via a third party to our clients. We invited a CREST approved ethical hacker to try and compromise our system. I'm very pleased to say that, although they threw everything at us, they couldn't penetrate our defences."

He added: "The recent GOZeuS and CryptoLocker attacks, show how far cyber criminals will go to steal data, but we are confident that our IT system is highly resilient."

One of the safeguards Altius has in place is a partnership with leading IT hosting experts UKFast, which handles the company's big data requirements. This helps to strengthen the infrastructure and provide a high level of security, resilience and recovery.

As an ISO9001 approved assessment and accreditation company, UKFast demonstrates the highest standard of Information Security Management - through the ISO 27001 accreditation.

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