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Altius in Abu Dhabi

Posted by Altius on Feb 10, 2009 1:37:03 PM

When the government of Abu Dhabi wanted to create a world class supplier improvement programme, who did they turn to?

Well, looking at the background, experience and competence of the team at Altius made it an easy decision, and so the Altius team have now been engaged by Abu Dhabi General Services to develop and implement an ambitious programme of work to improve the quality and effectiveness of the relationship with some of the key suppliers to the Abu Dhabi government.

That’s very good for Altius you may say, but what’s it got to do with me and the assessment of contractors working for UK high street retailers? Well, the answer to that particular question is that it provides an opportunity to reinforce the message from Altius that we are not just another assessment agency. The work in Abu Dhabi is focussed very clearly at the strategic end of their supply chain and heavily geared towards building strong, effective relationships with key suppliers. However the concepts involved over there are identical to the concepts involved over here with contractors working for retail and licensed trade clients. Put simply, the role of Altius is to help suppliers to understand the requirements of the client, help the client to understand the capabilities of the supplier, and work together with both to fill the gaps, raise standards, reduce risks and improve overall service delivery.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the construction of the biggest, most luxurious hotel the world has ever seen, or repairing a faulty air conditioning unit in a Victorian building on the high street. What the client wants to know is that all of their contractors meet all of their compliance requirements all of the time, in other words ‘Peace of Mind’. What the contractor wants is the opportunity to do a good job and grow their business, in other words a ‘Piece of the Action’.

That’s what Altius do. We work with clients and contractors to improve things – the principles remain the same irrespective of sector, location or culture.

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