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Altius Financial Radar

Posted by Altius on Apr 7, 2011 12:52:55 PM

Understanding what makes businesses tick, knowing whether a business is financially weak or strong, and knowing when a business is likely to fail, are all important but difficult areas for companies who rely on vendors to deliver their service.

At Altius we don’t claim that we’ve got all the answers – if we did we’d be better off (significantly better off!) managing a hedge fund. However, we do know a little and we know some people who know a lot. Altius partner with Bureau van Dijk to provide our clients with financial scores and data for all their vendors. With the help of Bureau van Dijk, we provide both our daily Altius Alert update emails and regular Financial Radar reports highlighting what we consider to be significant or worrying changes in score.

It may be that you’ve never come across Bureau van Dijk, but they’re a global company who work with a wide range of partners to deliver state-of-the-art information products. They’re also one of the prime sources for an annual report – “Buyout Track 100” – produced by Fast Track, sponsored by Deloitte and published in The Sunday Times, which details private equity backed companies with the fastest growing profits.

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