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Altius engages Company Watch to monitor supply chain financial health

Posted by Altius on May 15, 2014 9:21:42 AM

Company Watch to monitor supply chain financial health

Altius has partnered with financial risk management experts Company Watch to provide its clients with robust and reliable monitoring systems. This will enable them to effectively track and predict the financial health of suppliers.

Company Watch has developed specialised mathematical models that differentiate financial winners from losers, through its unique H-Score® measure, and has succeeded in predicting the vast majority of company failures in advance over the past 15 years.

Proactive supplier management

The system is integrated into the Altius In-Touch portal, used by clients to manage and select suppliers. This enables clients to gain excellent insights into the financial status of current and potential contractors.

Gary Plant, Managing Director of Altius Vendor Assessment said: "Active financial risk management is a vital component of successful and proactive supplier management. Company Watch provides the very best intelligence and tools for monitoring and predicting financial weakness and strength. This provides clients with valuable foresight and protection and an ability to select suppliers with their eyes fully open."

Improve your supply chain financial performance

See how compliance can help you achieve a financially sound supply chain by downloading our free guide, Improving Contractor Performance with Compliance. The guide covers everything you need to know about optimising your contractor compliance, including:

  • Identifying and solving your common contractor problems
  • Finding a better way to manage your contractor lists
  • Choosing the right tools to assess and monitor contractors
  • Using new data to make better supply chain decisions

Download Improving Contractor Performance with Compliance: A guide for Facilities Managers

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