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Altius celebrates BIFM award win with client SGP

Posted by Altius on Oct 18, 2011 3:23:32 PM

Altius Vendor Assessment, in partnership with SGP Property and Facilities Management, has won the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) Award for Innovation in Technology and Systems.


Altius partnered with SGP Property and Facilities Management in 2007 to develop a robust supplier assessment and accreditation service. The aim was to reduce risk and liability throughout the SGP supply chain while delivering commercial benefits to clients.

The service is used by 95% of SGP client companies, but it is also used by other businesses wishing to manage compliance and gain better control of their supply chain. These include Selfridges and Airbus.

Celebrating the prestigious award win, Gary Plant, Managing Director of Altius Vendor Assessment, said: “Our flexible online accreditation and management system places customer focus at its heart. We leave nothing to chance and take a thorough evidence-based approach to checking the competences of suppliers – from health and safety compliance through to financial health, environmental performance, customer service and corporate social responsibility.”

Kevin Elliott, Managing Director of SGP, said: “We are delighted to have been recognised with the Award for Innovation in Technology and Systems as supplier management is one of the backbones of our service. By its very nature the Altius system will benefit any organisation that chooses to adopt it.”

Martyn Sherrington, Head of Strategic Procurement for SGP, said: “The Altius Vendor Assessment system has helped SGP achieve a step change in supply chain management that delivers significant competitive advantage to both our clients and suppliers. The proven technology used by Altius’ expert team is world beating and helps reduce timescales for introduction of new suppliers into the supply chain from weeks and months to days.”

The Altius service is free to client companies, with a small fee applied to contractors to cover the assessment process, and support in helping them gain compliance and to raise their performance. Membership offers suppliers access to new business opportunities through Altius’ client company network and eases the burden of tendering as suppliers can share their online assessment with other potential clients and avoid filling out numerous pre qualification questionnaires.

Supplier evaluation is based around five ‘globes’ representing the key business areas of risk management, commercial, corporate social responsibility, quality and customer service. Accreditation is based on the specific requirements of the client and on the work that a particular supplier will undertake.

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