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3 common problems when managing suppliers and managing contractors

Posted by Altius on Oct 14, 2015 12:30:00 PM


Most businesses often look to their Facilities Managers to ensure that the running of their physical properties and supply chain always goes smoothly. Whilst striving to maintain high internal standards, managers also need to remain alert to external industry related trends that could affect their responsibilities, but also the compliance of their suppliers, which could put their supply chain at risk.

To ensure that your firm is equipped to meet future challenges, here are 3 common problems that you’ve already faced in managing suppliers and managing contractors, and how you can overcome these problems easily:

1. Staying up to date with compliance

One of the main concerns you’ve most certainly faced is ensuring that all of your registered suppliers remain compliant through all stages of the process that they are involved with.


This task can be taxing as industry regulations are ever evolving and can alter on a day to day basis meaning that Facilities Managers always need to be alert to any change in standards. But failure to use compliant suppliers would have a negative impact on the credibility of your business, and could lead to an unnecessary supply chain crisis.

2. Sourcing the ‘right’ suppliers

It can be the case that the difficulty of sourcing good quality new suppliers will mean that you rely on the same suppliers that may have let you down previously. From the start, your task to find a new supplier needs to go beyond the ‘basic’ search. You should be thoroughly assessing the supplier based on your relationship with them, as well as the results of an audit you carry out.

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Asking about financial information, accreditations, insurance and working practices gives you peace of mind that the new supplier is suitable and assurances that they can become another successful supplier to add to your reliable list.

3. Managing supplier lists

Supplier lists often aren’t updated with the most up to date information, or your database can be untidy with many duplications. By streamlining your supplier list process you will be on your way to achieving better contractor compliance, which can often be the answer to most of your problems, and that starts with better management of your supplier lists.

You need clear visibility of your suppliers covering all aspects of their reliability and any risks associated with using them. This will ensure that you are able to make informed decisions regarding suppliers and appoint those who provide the best fit for your requirements.

The next steps

The aim for you is to source better contractors and suppliers and to achieve better compliance which will overall improve the reputation and credibility of your process and business – and it is here where Altius can help you.

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